Arthur Nunes

Senior Software Developer

Arthur Nunes

Senior Software Developer

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Hello, I'm Arthur

I develop software perfectly aligned with your expectations, on schedule, with quality (no bugs, easy to maintain and prepared for future);



Arthur Figueiredo Nunes

Birth date

17 Jun 1995 - Tubarao, Brazil


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Senior Software Developer - Aethos

Out 2018 - Currently

Java, Primeface, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Solr, JavaScript.

Principal Software Developer - Indesign

Ago 2017 - Out 2018

Created more than 20 apps on Play Store;
Created more than 5 Websites using WordPress.


All code coveraged by UnitTests and UITests, no errors or bugs registered;
Android Projects validated on Android Lint Quality Control Tool;
Google Play SEO, all apps on top of Google Play Search engine;
Created maintenance documentation for projects;
All projects delivered on time.


Android Application Development;
Creation of institutional websites;
IT management and support.

Java, Android, UnitTests (jUnit), UI Test (Espresso), Android Studio, PHP, SILEX, Doctrine, JavaScript, MySQL, API Development, REST, Git, Documentation, Lead development processes.

Operational Manager - Shopping do Preço

Ago 2015 - Dez 2017

Owner of an online sales operation.

Experience selling in the Mercado Livre Marketplace, Elo7 and my own Virtual Store. Logistics, ERP for small businesses, Brazil Taxation, customer service, Digital Marketing, Payments Method etc.

Full-Stack Developer - ADMT - Ago 2013 - Mar 2015

Magento and Wordpress Developer.
HelpDesk Support.

Magento, JavaScript, Html, CSS, Wordpress, MySQL, PHP, jQuery.

Full-Stack Developer - Tecmedia - Jan 2013 - Ago 2013

Website Developer



BS degree Information Technology at Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC)

UFSC (2916 hours) - Conclusion in Dez 2020

Computer BS Degree in one of the most prestigious universities in Brazil. The "BS Degree in Information Technology - IT" is an applied computing course that aims to train professionals able to solve problems involving the use of Information Technologies (IT) in organizations. The solutions may have an emphasis on information systems, business or aspects related to education and culture.

Computer Programmer at SENAI/SC

SENAI (800 hours) - Conclusion Dez 2012

Training for the development of computer programs for internet, technologies learned: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Adobe Fireworks.

Administrative Assistant at SENAC/SC

SENAC (230 hours) - Conclusion Nov 2012

Financial support services, administrative support services, creation and formatting texts and Excel spreadsheets, verbal and non-verbal communication in the professional environment, promotion of teamwork, support services to the personal department, professional orientation and citizenship.


  • 94% Complete
  • 90% Complete
  • 80% Complete
  • 78% Complete
    Linux / MAC / Terminal
  • 75% Complete
    HTML5 / CSS3
  • 73% Complete
  • 70% Complete
    Chrome Developer Tools
  • 65% Complete
  • 63% Complete
    Sublime Text
  • 59% Complete
  • 57% Complete
  • 55% Complete
  • 52% Complete
  • 50% Complete
    Responsive Design
  • 44% Complete
    Adobe Illustrator


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Tubarao - Santa Catarina - Brazil

Phone / WhatsApp

(48) 996433251


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